Looking to get hold of our tasty Crumpets and delicious Pikelets, then look no further!

Below is a list of Stockists where you can get hold of our tasty treats:


Core Range: Aldi Giant


Core Range: ASDA Toastie
Occasional Range: ASDA Christmas Trees, ASDA Hearts, ASDA Easter Bunnies ASDA Ghosts
Fun Shapes: ASDA Teddies & ASDA Unicorns.


Core Range: Lakeland Bake Made for the Toaster
Occasional Range: Morrisons Christmas Trees, Morrisons Hearts, Morrisons Easter Bunnies & Morrisons Pumpkins,
Fun Shapes: Lakeland Bake Teddy Bears, Lakeland Bake Flowers & Lakeland Bake Unicorns.


Core Range: Lakeland Bake Made for the Toaster, Lakeland Bake Wholemeal & Lakeland Bake Pikelets
Occasional Range: Lakeland Bake HeartsLakeland Bake Easter Bunnies, Lakeland Bake Pumpkins & Lakeland Bake Christmas Trees
Fun Shapes: Lakeland Bake Teddy Bears & Lakeland Bake Flowers


Occasional Range: Co-op Christmas Stars, Co-op Bunnies, Co-op Dinosaurs & Co-op Ghosts