Carry on eating crumpets

Panic? What panic?

The C02 shortage and why we’re not worried

The CO2 shortage means that some other crumpet manufacturers are struggling to produce their crumpets – but not us at Lakeland Bake!

A number of factors have caused this including high gas prices, factories in Europe closing.

Some big names have been badly affected, at a busy time of year for the food and drink industry, and there is genuine concern that demand cannot be met.

How the BBC reported the C02 shortage

The obvious ones being beer and fizzy drinks, but the gas is also used to slaughter farm animals and package food.

Here at Lakeland Bake we don’t use C02, so our supply is totally unaffected because we believe in delivering the freshest product to the customer.

So why not enjoy your summer with our tasty crumpets, whether it’s the World Cup,Wimbeldon or family barbecue.

Try one of our serving suggestions and you’ll keep coming back for more.


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