Can we help – of course we can!

We get some great comments and letters from the Crumpet Enjoying Community and we got a lovely email recently from Colin on our website contact form:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please can you help me?

Not with the winning lottery ticket, but with your excellent square crumpets!

It is extremely rare for me to write a letter of praise to a company, however . . .

I purchased a packet of your made-for-the-toaster crumpets to try a couple of weeks ago.

After years of being convinced that Warburtons were King of crumpets, I discovered that, not only were yours a wonderful taste & texture, fitting in the toasting machine a treat, but that I was able to slice them into finger-like strips (without rounded corners)!

This enabled the easier eating of them, whilst dripping with ooodles of the finest French butter & prime quality raspberry jam. Yummeeee!

Now, my problem is, I cannot buy them anywhere!

I have forgotten which supermarket I purchased the initial packet from (though quite possibly Morrisons in Middlewich as I passed through) and will, if I cannot find anywhere else in this locality (Cheshire), have to organise a return visit to their store, which is quite a distance away, specially to look for your crumpets.

Please can you tell me where (if any) shops stock your excellent product, in the Cheshire/Greater Manchester areas?

Thank you for taking the time & trouble to read my letter, I eagerly await your reply.

Kind regards,



Thanks for great email. I’m afraid we don’t know the Lottery numbers… yet!

However, our Lakeland Bake MADE FOR THE TOASTER Crumpets are available at your local Morrisons and Booths stores. You can also find our ASDA Toastie in your local ASDA Store. Hope this helps!

If you’re ever looking to get hold of our Crumpets – home or away – visit our Stockist page to see where you can get hold of our tasty treats!

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Bunnies are BACK!!!

As we March :)= into Spring… The Bunnies are back!!!

Why not hop out and get hold of our Bunny Crumpets, available at ASDA, Morrisons, Booths and Iceland! Our Bunny Crumpets are the perfect healthy snack over the Easter break.

More exciting shaped crumpets are coming soon. Look out for other shaped product ranges including Teddy Bear Crumpets and something very magical soon…

Perfect for Kids (even the big ones :)=

Hoppy Easter from everyone at Lakeland Bake.

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Our Lakeland Bake Ghosts feature in this year’s ASDA Hallowe’en Television Campaign, watch it here and look out for it on TV!

Make sure you watch out for things that go ‘pop’ in the night – actually they you can pop them in the toaster any time of day, for great Hallowe’en treat!

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ghost slime

Spooky Edible Slime

Here’s a yummy recipe that’s perfect for little monsters to go with our ghoulish new ghost crumpets!



  • 1 Large bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1/2 Cup vegetable oil
  • 1 Cup icing sugar
  • Dash of green food colouring


Ask an adult to pour the bag of marshmallows into a large microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds and stop. Then repeat.

Add in the icing sugar, colouring and oil then mix together, but be careful with the hot mixture!

Let it cool for about 15 minutes. Coat your hands in some of the remaining oil and mix by hand. It will be really sticky, but you can continue adding a little oil until you are happy with the consistency.

Best played with on a washable surface! If you want to make your slime less sticky, it helps to coat your hands in some oil.

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